How to Write an Effective Press Release

I just contributed a guest post about to Searching for the Happiness, a blog about writing. Here’s a brief excerpt:

Press releases (also called news releases) can be a great way to get news about your business to the media, your current customers, and potential new customers. Unlike direct advertisements, press releases are written in the objective third-person voice, just like newspaper articles.

Press releases used to land in the newsroom, where the story would live or die on an editorial whim. But nowadays, numerous online services will post your release and send it to hundreds of news organizations, building strong links to your website in the process. The good news is that you can easily get your message out there. The bad news is that everyone else can, too, including your competitors.

So how do you make your press release stand out from the crowd? Just follow these six steps. …

And if you’d like to have a professional review your press release to make sure it’s as effective as possible, .

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