Top 10 Punny Halloween Costumes

Okay, it’s not really a costume, but hey: steam punkin!

Over on the , I’ve been counting down the days to the best holiday, Halloween, with a celebration of pun-based costumes. Just in case you missed the countdown, here are the highlights:

10. Pugkin Spice Latte

Adorable and seasonal.

9. 50 Shades of Grey

The SFW version.

8. Fantasy Football

The best defense is a good Gandalf.

7a. Reigning Cats and Dogs

7b. A Coat of Arms

The writers on New Girl clearly love a good pun. Not pictured: Bee Arthur.

6. Cleocatra

This is possibly the only costume a cat would be proud to wear. She still looks a little embarrassed, though.

5. Spelling Bees

Combining three of LJBC’s favorite things: spelling, puns, and cuteness.

4. Chicken Cord on Blue

Still scrambling to put something together? This is probably the easiest last-minute costume on this list.

3. Heisenburger

Feeling sad about the end of Breaking Bad? This will cheer you up.

2. French Kiss

Rock ‘n’ rolling all night fills them with such ennui, no?

1. Stegatortoise

Cutest costume ever. This seriously makes me want to take up crochet. And reptile ownership.

Samuel Johnson famously claimed that puns were the lowest form of humor, but I think this post proves that a good pun is its own reword. Happy Halloween, everyone!

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